Make sure you have the phone number or email address of your immediate supervisor!


Good attendance is a way of demonstrating your level of commitment to an organization. It is important to properly prioritize how we spend our time. Cadets is no exception to this. Academic load, health concerns, or important family events are considered valid reasons to miss training.

Many nominations are heavily influenced by attendance. Cadets with good attendance records are more likely to be nominated for awards, medals, and exchanges.


Cadets are expected to attend a minimum of 50% of mandatory training per month. Mandatory training refers to Thursday parades, and citizenship functions. If there are unique circumstances, taking a Leave of Absence should be considered. For more information, see below under ‘Terms.’

If unable to attend training, inform your immediate supervisor at your earliest convenience. By doing so, you absence will be noted as ‘excused.’ If we do not have any information on your status, you may be noted as ‘AWOL.’


Excused: where a member of 1292 RCACC misses training and informs their immediate supervisor of their intent to miss training.

Leave of Absence: a pre-determined period of time where a member of 1292 RCACC will not attend mandatory or optional training due to poor health, academic load, work commitments, family circumstances, travel, or or special circumstances.

Absent Without Leave: (AWOL) where a member of 1292 RCACC misses mandatory training but does not provide advance notice of intent to miss training.

The Cadet Program and several partners for the Cadet movement have scholarships that are available Cadets, ex-Cadets, or CIC Officers who are entering or returning to post-secondary studies.


The Army Cadet League of Canada has just announced a new scholarship cooperative with The Young Citizens Foundation ( in which they are sponsoring an award as part of its goal of promoting the Army Cadet Program. The Award is open to all cadets regardless of rank or time in service. It is designated to assist with Post-Secondary Tuition Fees. The award is valued at up to $5000.
Deadline for applications has been set for June 15th of the entrance year for the school of choice. Please click on the following link for more information:


Additional Scholarships
TD BANK Scholarships for Community Leadership

1st Canadian Parachute Battalion Bursary
Army Cadet League of Canada Bursary Application 2016-2017