1292 Support Society

1292 Army Cadet Support Society formed by a group of dedicated cadet parents in 2004 and registered under the AB Society Act. The purpose of Support Society is to work in partnership with Corps staff to support the cadet unit. Our combined goal is to provide a safe, fun, rewarding and challenging program for your child.

The Support Society helps out with:

  1. recruiting new cadets
  2. fundraising and managing the finances of the corps
  3. providing tax receipts to donors
  4. screening prospective volunteers
  5. providing snacks or meals for cadet functions

We encourage all parents to speak with a Board member to see how you may become involved. You can find one of us at beginning and end of parade nights, or contact us at [email protected]

We always need parent volunteers! Get your forms here!

Tax Receipts

On behalf of cadets and cadet corps, we welcome your generous donation to support 1292 Army Cadets. If you’d like to get a tax receipt, please see below for the process. Army Cadet League of Alberta is able to issue official tax receipts. Tax receipts are issued once per year in January.

–     Make cheque payable to “1292 Army Cadets”

–    Give the cheque to any Society board member or the CO

–    Cadet Corps & Support Society will forward the cheque to Army Cadet League for tax receipt issued in your name

–    Tax receipt will be mailed directly to you from Amy Cadet League of Alberta

Society Board & Election

“The Board of Directors” or “the Executive Committee” or “the Board” mean the Board of Directors of the Society and consist of five members. The Board has full control and management of the society affairs. Current board members as follows


President Nancy Klensch
Vice President Tracey Prediger
Secretary Simon Sfiligoi
Treasurer Trena Neathway
Fundraising Coordinator Ashley Young


Board members are nominated and elected at AGM every September. In even numbered years (i.e. 2014) President and Treasurer are elected. In odd number years (i.e. 2013) Vice President and Secretary are elected. Fundraising Director is elected every year.


Two-year term. The President is the member of all committees and is the Chairperson at all meetings of the Society.

Vice President

Two-year term. The Vice President assists the President in conducting society business.


Two-year term. The Secretary takes minutes of Society & Board meetings, and keeps all the correspondence, minutes and records of the Society.


Two-year term. The Treasurer manages society bank accounts, records financial transactions, and prepares financial statements for Society meetings and audit.

Fundraising Coordinator

One-year term. Fundraising Coordinator organizes & manages fundraising events, and prepares fundraising reports for society meetings


Below is a copy of the current Bylaws. It was filed with Corporate Registry, Province of Alberta, on Feb 27, 2013.