Commanding Officer

CO’s Intent

Cadets Leading Cadets

1292 RCACC will go back to the basics, focusing on the core program and create a supportive environment where cadets lead cadets. Additionally, we will improve the quality of instruction, and cadet retention (especially at the senior level). All of this will be accomplished while ensuring the corps staff creates a fun and challenging environment.

1292 RCACC will take every opportunity to send cadets on as many zonal, regional, national, and international activities as possible to foster a keen interest and create a strong corps for the future. The corps will create a Pipes & Drums band by sending interested cadets to 2137 RCACC for training, along with focusing more on physical fitness by holding fitness nights on Monday evenings.

I refuse to see any cadet that puts in the effort, left behind. We will ensure each cadet get out of the program what they put into it.

Sincerely Yours,

Zane Williams


Commanding Officer

1292 RCACC