First what is meant by the term “Combats” or “Field Training Uniforms (FTU’s)”
Here is a basic list:

  • Canadian Military Combat Boots MKIII
  • Canadian Military Olive Drab Combat Shirt
  • Canadian Military Olive Drab Combat Pants
  • Olive Drab Crew Neck Tee Shirt

These are not a mandatory item and are not supplied by the Corps. If a cadet wishes to have these instead of civilian wear then they must be purchased. Here are three sources to buy the clothing:

Crown Surplus
1005 11 Street Southeast

Calgary, AB T2G 0S8
(403) 265-1754

Ask for cadet discount at counter


Things Military
#616, 3208 – 8 Ave. NE
Calgary, Alberta T2A 7V8

(403) 235-4713


Company Quartermaster Services (CQMS)

# 9 Railway Ave.
Enilda, AB T0G 0W0