Here are some more details on what the Strathcona’s will be putting together for this commemoration, with regards to Cadet involvement:


  1. Travel day to Edmonton – Tues 20 Mar
  2. Parade Rehearsals with the Regiment & historic displays – Wed 21 Mar
  3. Parade and associated activities. – Thu 22 Mar
  4. Travel day to home Units – Fri 23 Mar


Regimental parade with Cadets formed as a single Squadron. They will be holding the position of C Sqn. C Sqn fought in Moreuil Wood and they feel that there is no better organization to fill out the full Regimental family. This is looking like a non-traditional parade. It will be a production with lights/music/fog.


  1. They will have two original Victoria Cross’ on loan (one from the UK and another from their collection) and some major valour medals on loan from the War Museum.
  2. A Hangar is being converted into a horse picket line, and stables with displays.
  3. Another Hangar will have all of our vehs on display, including our historical fleet.
  4. The liaison is looking to coordinate a tour of another Major Unit on Base as well. TBD.

Next Steps (to be confirmed)

  1. Regiment is working with all 6 cadet corps to confirm interest and numbers
  2. Waivers and additional details will be provided by beginning of February
  3. Finalization of details by end of February