Parents & Guardians

There are many ways that parents, guardians, and adults can get involved with 1292 RCACC.
Joining the 1292 Support Society 
1292 Support Society is a group of parents and guardians who support the corps in a number of ways.  For more information, go to ‘Parents & Guardians’ > ‘How to Get Involved’.
Becoming a Volunteer or Civilian Instructor (CI)
Volunteers and CIs directly supervise and instruct cadets.  The PSC is responsible for signing up volunteers with the corps.  Becoming a volunteer may lead to a paid position as a CI.  
Joining the Cadet Instructor Cadre (CIC)
Many former cadets, parents, and volunteers choose to join the Canadian Forces as a CIC officer.  CIC officers are employees of the Department of National Defence.  Joining the CIC can be a lengthy process, as all processing goes through the Canadian Forces Recruiting Centre.  For more information on the CIC, go to ‘Links’ > ‘Cadet Instructor Cadre.’
Have some questions about our fundraising and where the collected amounts go or how they are attributed? Feel free to download our GAIN 2017 MANUAL and the USE OF GAMBLING PROCEEDS documentations.