Parents & Guardians

There are many ways that parents, guardians, and adults can get involved with 1292 RCACC.

Joining the 1292 Support Society

1292 Support Society is a group of parents and guardians who support the corps in a number of ways.  For more information, go to 'Parents & Guardians' > '1292 Support Society'.

Becoming a Volunteer or Civilian Instructor (CI)

Volunteers and CIs directly supervise and instruct cadets.  The PSC is responsible for signing up volunteers with the corps.  Becoming a volunteer may lead to a paid position as a CI.

Joining the Cadet Instructor Cadre (CIC)

Many former cadets, parents, and volunteers choose to join the Canadian Forces as a CIC officer.  CIC officers are employees of the Department of National Defence.  Joining the CIC can be a lengthy process, as all processing goes through the Canadian Forces Recruiting Centre.  For more information on the CIC, go to 'Links' > 'Cadet Instructor Cadre.'