Reasons for Fundraising Change

1292 Army Cadets – Reasons for Fundraising Changes

Dear 1292 Parents/Guardians,

Last few weeks we communicated to cadets & parents two fundraising changes this year, the fundraising deposit & Flames concession. As they are significant changes, it is only prudent we provide you more information, please share with your cadets too. If you are not aware of the changes please visit , under “Parents & Guardians” section.

Cadet is not free, that is the fact. Fundraising is the one and probably only one reason that our Society was formed. Last year we raised money to support, in full or part, cadet training, competition, band, recruiting, regimental visit, jackets & t-shirts, admin & office expenses, catering at ACR, Rewards Dinner, Mess Dinner, & Remembrance Day Social, and more. Unfortunately we face ongoing fundraising challenges to meet the increasing demands. The changes we introduced are to encourage more participation, raise more money, and share responsibilities fairly among cadets & families.

Why from selling to labor fundraising

In the past we typically organized 5 or 6 fundraisings over the year. All events were selling based and just to name a few, we sold Balzac meat, Simple Simon Pie, Ukrainian sausage, Coco brooks Pizza, Gift cards. Honestly they were not popular, poorly attended, time-consuming, and low profit. What is more, because we did 5, 6 fundraisings in 7, 8 months, they were just one right after another and non-stop.

Bottle drive was attended by most cadets, some parents helped out too, it was the single most profitable event. Also a number of cadets served tables at 285 Legion and Fraternal of Eagles, in return Legion & Eagles gave donations. These fundraisings were easier, quicker, and more profitable. We want to move away from selling and into more fundraisings by labor. (Just a heads-up, we will have our first Casino in Q4 2014, it will earn $60,000 for 2 days work)

Why from voluntary to mandatory fundraising

Fundraising was voluntary until last year, we encouraged cadets/families to join but didn’t set any requirements. What we observed was, it began with a group of cadets/families, as time went the group got smaller and smaller, to the end it wasn’t even feasible or worthwhile to do it with only a few cadets/families left. To ensure fair distribution of the responsibilities, we introduce mandatory fundraising requirements and $150 deposit this year.

Why Flames Concession

First and foremost, Flames concession is to raise money for the cadet corps, NOT to support any individuals who will go on Europe Tour next year . Due to our limited income, we are NOT able to sponsor/subsidize any tour cadet. Tour families are responsible for their entire trip cost.

We support tour families by offering this Flames opportunity. As previously communicated, tour families must fulfill the same set shifts for cadets first, just as any other families. After set shifts, tour families will continue working Flames while others stop. Only the extra shifts that tour families work can go towards their trips. We will keep track the shifts and proceeds. For transparency, our books are open to any parent who wants to review.

Flames guarantees $7200 + bonus for 120 shifts, double triple of all the fundraisings combined last year. It does not require selling just labor. We are looking forward to the excitement and money into 1292 bank account earned through the hardworking of our volunteers.

Why cadets 15 and up

If you are involved in youth sports clubs like swimming, gymnastics, or diving, you will notice the senior players and their families take on more fundraising responsibilities. It makes good sense because the seniors stay longer, are in higher position, and receive more benefit out of it.

Minimum age to work Flames is 15, it is a great opportunity for our senior cadets to demonstrate their leadership, contribute back to the cadets, and get a taste of real life. The more senior cadets & families sign up, the less work is for everyone.

Considerable time and effort were already spent to sign up with Flames, get liability insurance, get WCB coverage, open AGLC account, and setup trainings. All existing board members and their cadets, if old enough, are going to work Flames. Great appreciation to the cadets & parents who already signed up, some of the cadets are close to but not 15 yet.

Please consider all these when you decide to participate or not. After all, we do the fundraisings for our own children.


The Board

1292 Army Cadet Support Society