Flames Concession

1292 Army Cadets – Flames Concession Fundraising

Dear 1292 Cadets & Parents/Guardians,

As mentioned on Fundraising deposit communication, the Board is working on a new fundraising opportunity, Flames Concession, see http://flames.nhl.com/club/page.htm?id=69317 for some details.

In the last few weeks, the Board contacted Flames and attended training. We believe, if there are enough volunteer workers, this is going to be a viable fundraising with very good profit. So this week we signed the Agreement with Flames, secured $2,000,000 liability insurance from Army League of Canada, and opened an account with Alberta Worker’s Compensation Board. All is ready, now we only need volunteer workers!

For cadets age 15 and over

This is mandatory for cadets age 15 and over (minimum worker age is 15). Each cadet family needs to complete a set number of shifts, the set number is determined by the number of cadet families participating. We must work 120 shifts, one shift = one worker one game/event.

Assume 8 shifts per cadet family, for 1 cadet & no parent, that is 8 games/events. 1 cadet & 1 parent that is 4 games/events. For 1 cadet & 2 parents, 3 games/events (one game can be just 2 people). When a family completes 8 shifts, it is done and no need to work anymore games.

The timeframe is Oct to next May. We have received Flames timetable but no Stampede's yet. Besides the two, there will be concerts, UFC fights, Roughnecks games, etc at Saddledome. There are plenty of choices for you to pick which 8 shifts over 8 months.

As an incentive, if parents volunteer, the Board will waive the gift cards or simple simon pies etc fundraisings for the cadet.

For cadets age 14 and below

Younger cadets can’t work but the parents can choose to volunteer. Same thing if parents come, we waive the gift cards or simple simon pies etc for the cadet. We set 3 shifts per cadet family.

If cadets (15 and over) choose not to participate, or don’t complete set shifts

The Society will cash the $150 deposit in June 2014.

Keep in mind, more families sign up, less work for each family. And more volunteers from one family, easier to finish the 8 shifts. If one family doesn’t participate or complete, other families will have to work extra shifts.

For Tour families

Some cadets signed up for Italy/France tour 2014, and will fundraise to cover the trip cost. We offer this Flames fundraising to them. Once the tour families complete 8 or 3 shifts for the cadets, the same requirements as non-tour families, the extra shifts they work can go towards the trip.

What is in it for cadets

This is fundraising for cadets. And senior cadets need to set example and show leadership to junior and younger ones.

There are personal benefits to cadets too, cadets can gain valuable working experience, can put Flames or Stampede on resume, can watch a bit games/concerts/actions, and can make some cashes too. We will let cadets keep the tips, let customers know that you are fundraising for cadets, you may be surprised!

Note here, cadets are not allowed to touch alcohol, so cadets have to work with adults in group (one adult, two cadets), it is up to cadets and that adult to decide on the tips. If that adult is your parent, he/she may let you keep all, one more reason to get your parents to volunteer and work with you.


Every worker, cadet & parents, need to attend a Flames training at Saddledome. It covers the uniform, parking, hours, working with POS, tips etc. The Board went last Saturday and it was about 2 ½ hours long. We will arrange training with Flames. Our group is “1292 Army Cadets”.

Adults need to take one more training on handling alcohol. All adults have to be ProServe certified. This is an online training, instructions will be provided to adult volunteers.

Next Step

Discuss with your family, and by Thursday, September 19 th , send volunteers name (first & last legal names), adult/minor, phone/cell number, and email address to [email protected]

The Flames pre-season games start September 14th, we need to act fast so you can pick the games fitting your schedule before they are gone.

Any questions please talk to any Board members, or email [email protected] . It will be discussed at Society AGM on Thursday, Sept 26 th as well.

Best Regards,

The Board

1292 Army Cadet Support Society