Fundraising Deposit

1292 Army Cadets - Fundraising Deposit

Dear 1292 parents & guardians,

The Army Cadet program is sponsored by Canadian Armed Forces and the Army Cadet League of Canada. While it is mostly funded through these agencies, there are many essential activities that 1292 Army Cadet Support Society has to provide financial support.

The Society covers the cost for activities such as extra FTXs & optional training, recruiting, Edmonton regimental visit, cadet jackets & t-shirts, office equipment & supplies, catering at ACR, Rewards Dinner, Mess Dinner, and Remembrance Day Social. On average the Society pays $150 per cadet per year, and the only sources of income are fundraisings and donations.

To encourage participation in fundraisings, the Board is proposing a Fundraising Deposit this year. For each new and returning cadet, the Society requires parents/guardians to write a $150 cheque within one month of registration, post-dated June 1st 2014, and payable to “1292 Army Cadet Support Society”. When the cadet completes his/her fundraising objectives, the cheque will be returned, or it will be cashed in June 2014. The fundraising objectives are as follows

· Mandatory Bottle Drive for all cadets,

· Mandatory Flames/Stampede concessions for cadets age 15 & over, (Society is seeking this new fundraising opportunity, minimum working age is 15)

· 2 out of 6 fundraisings such as gift cards, Simple Simon pies, or coco brooks pizza. Each will have a minimum purchase of $200 or suitable amount.

The Society accepts equivalent donation to replace the fundraising deposit. Donation can be from parents/guardians, their business, or their place of employment.

For families with financial challenges, they can approach the Board for deposit waiver and choose to volunteer with the Support Society.

Fundraising Deposit will be discussed at Society AGM on Thursday, Sept 26th. Comments and feedbacks are welcome.

Best Regards,

The Board

1292 Army Cadet Support Society