Archives 2015

Mar 12 – FTX Prep

A full kit inspection was completed as we prepped for this coming weekends FTX at RMACTC. We had 45 cadets load their kit onto the Supply trailer after going through some practical training on camp stove and lantern safety and lighting.

Camp Offers were followed up on and those who were still missing were reminded that they had to be returned by March 26 to meet the cut off date.

Mar 5 – CO’s Parade

This evening was a special CO’s parade with Maj Novak attending as RO. Several Cadets were promoted tonight and the Corps did a great job welcoming him on his first official visit since leaving us for the Highlanders (2137 RCACC).

The Drill team practiced for the LSTF Drill competition and the other cadets worked on training in prep for the coming winter exercise.

Feb 26 – Regular Parade

The evening was dedicated to the Red and Green Stars participating in a lecture on the History of the LdSH (RC) presented by CWO (Ret’d) Keith Welch. It was greatly received by all of the new Cadets.

The Drill team practiced for the upcoming events.

Feb 5 – CO’s Parade

Cadets worked on ACR parade format and then the Red/Green/Silver stars went to the class room for Map and Compass work. The Drill team spent the evening practicing for the upcoming Speilman Cup.

Coco Brooks Pizzas were distributed.

Jan 22 – SAT range and Sports Night

Cadets from 1 Troop attended SAT training at Mewata tonight. There was a mixture of old and new cadets attending. The cadets had a great time learning about range safety, the C7 and marksmanship from WO Parson and Cpl Sam Augustin.

Back at the Currie Building, the Cadets of 2 Troop participated in physical training and several sports.

Jan 17 – LSTF Sports Competition

Once again 1292 sent a group of great athletes to participate in the annual competition. Although the format was not a tournament style the two basketball and one volleyball team were very strong and dominated the competition of Air, Sea and Army Cadets. The teams are preparing for next year with the hopes of claiming the top rankings. Congrats to the teams.

Jan 15 – Regular Parade

Tonight’s parade was one of the busiest in a while. The cadets took to parade square to practice drill movements and attended a few lectures on Prepping for Hiking/Trekking and Navigation.

Cadets were reminded of the Sports Competition this Saturday, some volunteering for the Legion, SAT range dates, Coco Brooks fundraising and the Support Society meeting coming up. 

Jan 8 – Regular Parade

Cadets returned to the Currie Building and started 2015 with some Drill and Leadership classes. The Corps was finalizing the Basketball and Volleyball teams for the coming LSTF Sports Competition on Jan 17.

Dec 18 – Last Parade Night of 2014

Cadets participated in a Sports night organized by a senior cadet. They broke up in teams and participated in several fun stations involving physical training. Stand Down begins.

Dec 4  & 11- Regular Parade

Tonight the Cadets began wrapping up classroom and drill work in preparation for the Holiday Break

Nov 27 – Regular Parade

Cadets completed several lectures and the Corps continues to grow with several new recruits signing up.

Nov 20 – Regular Parade

During the regular parade night the Cadets participated in several leadership and drill lectures. A spirited relay race was held with very loud and boisterous cheering and encouragement being provided by all of the teams.

At the end of the evening 8 cadets received their promotions to Trooper, Corporal and Master Corporal.

Nov 13 – Regular Parade

Cadets attended several lectures on Drill, leadership and Air Rifle safety.

The Corps was honored to have the CO of the Regional Cadet Support Unit (NW) Lt-Col Michelle Claveau visit the Corps. Lt-Col Claveau  toured the facilities and met with the Cadets and staff. She spent time to address the cadets and when the meeting was ending presented C/Cpl Plagov with the Command Coin for his hard work and dedication to the Corps and the Cadet Program.  

Nov 8 – Regular Parade

There were over 40 cadets out tonight and class room lessons on drill, Air Rifle safety and Leadership were held in various rooms in the building. The cadets had a great time competing in some spirited relays prior to the break.

Cadets were reminded that we needed volunteers for the coming weekend’s Poppy Sales. In addition the sign up for Remembrance Day Ceremonies was put out. We had 28 cadets sign up for the 3 locations.

Oct 30 – Regular Parade

Tonight the Cadets attending were taking in lectures on drill and leadership classes. The Support Society also provided Halloween treat bags for the Cadets during the break.

Cadets were advised of the Poppy Campaign starting this coming weekend and that sign up sheets were available for various shifts for the next two weekends.

The Band members were also given an update that Music Concentration was coming up on Nov 14-16 and Offer Sheets would be coming out next week.

Oct 23 – Parade Cancelled

Oct 16 – Regular Parade

Tonight the Cadets began classroom work in regards to the PO’s for their star levels. Cadets participated in a Fitness Relay with multiple activities to challenge their fitness levels.

Several Gold Stars received their paperwork for their Expedition Course this weekend. We coordinated 7 volunteers for working at 2 dinners for Legion 285 next week. We discussed the process for bringing issues to the Cadet System rather than using social media to vent frustrations and such…

We provided a heads up to the Corps of Remembrance Day activities and the need for Cadets at Battalion Park, The Military Museums and Legion #285.

Cadets attending the FTX the following week will need to bring in their kit for inspection and loading onto the trailer.

Oct 9 – Regular Parade

Tonight the Cadets completed Fitness Testing and participated in a few games of Dodge Ball. There were almost 50 Cadets participating and enjoyed the evening.

Oct 2 – Change of Command Parade

During this parade night the Corps bid farewell to Captain Miroslav Novak as its Commanding Officer. Capt Novak joined 1292 as the CO three years ago. With  his leadership and drive he took on the challenge of keeping our Corps at the top of their game and we can say that the Lord Strathcona Horse (RC) RCACC is far better off thanks to his guidance.

Effective next week Capt Novak will take over as the CO of 2137 RCACC Calgary Highlanders and we wish him the best of luck and envy the Cadets and Staff at 2137 as they now embark into the Novak era.

The Cadets and Staff were proud to introduce Captain Kevin McCartney as the new Commanding Officer of the Corps. As a former CF member and the Corps training officer for the last few years, Capt McCartney has a wealth of knowledge and has provided the Cadets with strong leadership and ample opportunities to learn and experience many activities. We are all excited to be under his command as we embark into the next few years.

Sept 25 – Regular Parade

The Corps has reached just over 80 Cadets on paper. Now begins the process of weeding out those that have left the Corps and align the remaining Cadets into the different Troops and appoint the seniors to Parade Roles.

Tonight the returning Cadets worked on the Change of Command Ceremony  while the new recruits learned basic drill movements.

Sept 19-21 – FTX Op Biv Bunny at RMSCTC

This past weekend almost 50 cadets and staff members spent a glorious weekend at Rocky Mountain NACSTC in the Waiporous River area NE of Cochrane. The weather was fantastic with clear skies and warm days. The evening was incredible with the stars being clear and bright.

Although the evenings in the Foothills were cool the Cadets did great in sleeping in expedition tents. There were no issues with being cold as everyone was prepared. During the day the Cadets worked on section bivouac skills such as stove/lantern lighting, putting up the tents, camp maintenance, GPS familiarization (Gold Stars) and participated in several team work activities. The staff and we even provided an incredible simulation on emergency first aid training thanks to the planning and guidance of CV McMahon a trained EMT

Sept 18 – Regular Parade

Parade night #3 started with the Cadets completing the kit check for the coming FTX at Rocky Mountain NACSTC. Cadets then practiced drill for the Change of Command Parade.

FTX Op Biv Bunny is coming up Sept 19-21 and Army Cadet Challenge in Edmonton on Sept 26-27 (team has been selected).

We continue to see new recruits joining the Corps. We now have enough to create a Recruit Troop for a few months to provide better opportunities to train them. Tonight the Cadets reviewed their kit for this coming weekend’s exercise in Rocky and loaded the trailer. The Corps then worked on drill movements in preparation for the Change of Command Parade on Oct 2nd.

Sept 11 – Regular Parade

Parade night #2 was very active with the cadets getting into the training mode. The Corps had its first Open House and we had many interested families come in and check us out. In the end several new cadets joined the Corps and were warmly welcomed into the fold. Everyone had a great time.

Upcoming events are FTX Op Biv Bunny coming up Sept 19-21 and Army Cadet Challenge in Edmonton on Sept 26-27 (team has been selected).


Sept 4 – First Parade Night of New Cadet Year

After an incredible summer for all Cadets the 1292 Corps had its first parade night of 2014/15 on Sept 4th. There were several new Cadets on parade and many familiar faces in attendance. All began getting acclimated back into the routine of the Cadet Year.

As part of the first night routine each Cadet was given their Annual Validation Form and in some cases the additional Health Questionnaire. If not already review, completed, signed by the parents and returned to the AdmO that night, we are reminding those parents that the Corps will need to have this done and the Cadets hand the form(s) in on the next parade night (Sept 11). These forms are imperative for the Corps to update records and ensure we have the necessary information for each Cadet’s file.