Welcome new & returning Cadet Families! We are the 1292 Army Cadet Support Society, a parent volunteer group. We have been supporting the 1292 Army Cadets since 2004, in the form of fundraising, organizing social functions, and providing assistance as needed.


Society Meeting

Every year we have 5 society meetings, next one is on Thursday September 21, 6:30pm at ASU upstairs classroom. It is also the Annual General Meeting where we hold board elections. All parents & guardians are encouraged to attend. If you are new you will learn a lot about our corps and the Society.


Fundraising Commitment

While the basic costs for Cadets is covered through the Government of Canada, many of our activities are funded by the Parents Society through fundraising and donations. Without fundraising the activities the Cadets enjoy would be limited. If you are able to volunteer time and effort with fundraising it is appreciated. We will also accept donations in lieu of volunteering. Everyone’s efforts and participation ensures the level of programming that has been provided in the past will continue this year and beyond.



We share the Website www.1292armycadets.ca & Facebook www.facebook.com/1292ArmyCadetCorp with the Corps, bookmark them and check often. In addition, we have an email 1292rcacc.parents@gmail.com and maintain a parent distribution list, we hand out a form so you may be included on our email list, or email us and ask to be included. Emails will be sent out throughout the year to keep you informed of upcoming meetings and events.

You can email society@1292armycadets.ca if any questions, or come and talk to board members on Thursday nights as usually one or more of us are present through the evening.


Best Regards,

The Board

1292 Army Cadet Support Society