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Poppy Campaign 2013

Poppy Tagging:

Sunday, 10 Nov 13       -  0900-1300 Hrs, 1400-1800 Hrs, 8 cdts; Capt Novak/2Lt Thomas

Meet @ COOP east entrance by Bakery.

Remembrance Day Parades: approximately 1000 - 1200 hrs

Sign up this Thursday or online http://www.volunteersignup.org/TEPB9


285 Legion: Indoors, except for two cenotaph guards who need cadet parkas.

The Military Museums:  Outdoors, need cadet parkas, toques and gloves.

CP Rail HQ: 7550 Ogdendale Rd SE

Battalion Park: 6-10 cadets, Outdoors, need cadet parkas, toques and gloves.


Cadet Mess Dinner2013

Sat 30 Nov 13, At Currie Gym; Full Dress Uniform.

Cadets, Staff and Invited Guests.

Setup starting @ 1700; Dinner @ 1800 - 2000;

Sign up  here NLT (no later than) 22 Nov: http://www.volunteersignup.org/PJEH3


Check out our New Recruit Handbook .

What's Happening at the Corps

1292 sent a team of cadets lead by WO Schneider (accompanied by our CO) to the Army Cadets Challenge this past weekend.  There were cadets from 31 army cadet corps attending this competition where the cadets competed in a series of 8 stations demonstrating team work and morale in activities like memory exercise, map and compass, and putting up a large military tent to name just a few.

Congratulation to the team for coming in 3rd place !!!

Army Cadet Motto:
Acer Acerpori: “As the maple, so the sapling”